Professional Cover Letters

Writing Cover Letters can be one of the most daunting and difficult task job seekers are forced to do. Your Cover Letter isn’t just an introduction, it your first impression. 
Cover Letters should be short and to the point, yet contain all the information necessary to get your foot in the door for that job interview.  This is your time to shine! Brag about what you’re good at and passionate about, in reference to your career search. Be sure to include your personality but re-read and edit until it’s perfect. 
It’s necessary to write a Cover Letter for each company you are applying. This will ensure the Cover Letter is suited for each company as your focus remains on the position while convincing the hiring team that you are the person they have been searching for. 
Before you begin, it’s important to have your resume completed because you’ll be using the document as a reference. You want the hiring administrator to be engaged and interested enough to keep reading. Remember, companies recieve hundreds of applicants who submit documentation with the same information they must read over and over. Your Cover Letter has to stand out so you aren’t rejected before given the chance to impress during an interview.
For those who are determined to write their own Cover Letter, here is a template/example that can be tailored made for just about any employment opportunity.  


[Applicant Name]
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code
Phone Number
Email Address

Month day, four digit year [July 11, 2017]

[Recipient Name]
[Company name[
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient Name]:

Your first paragraph should be engaging (not boring) while stating your claim (purpose of the letter). Example:

I am writing you today about the Physical Therapist Assistant position posted, personally referred, or classifieds. I’m in search of a long-term career and I’m asking for an opportunity to show you that I am the proficient individual you are seeking to join your team.

Research the company and say something that stands out yet relates directly with the business. Example: Company’s motto: “It’s your life. We help you live it.” You can share a personal experience and relate with the company:

Your company motto is a philosophy  that I also hold dear. As an amateur athlete, I was injured and know firsthand the importance of receiving hands-on care from a knowledgeable staff who develops and implements treatment programs to help patients get back to their lives.

Now, this is about your experience. This is information that’s under the “Employment” section of your resume. The difference from your resume is start with the oldest company first. Talk about one or two job duties that you are passionate about. 

With seven years of progressive experience working in the field, I have set myself up for success as a Physical Therapy Assistant. With Company A, I have treated all age groups, including pediatrics. During my association with the Company B, I proudly cared for active duty military personnel. Passion inspired me to instruct and demonstrate home exercise programs and implement aquatic therapy for ROM and strengthening while employed with Company C. Working for Company D, I obtained skills to developed and instructed home exercise programs for patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Time to sum it up with a breakdown of your competencies:

With a can-do attitude, I communicate effectively, execute ideas, and I have a keen interest and passion for helping others working under the direction of Physical Therapists and staff members. I’m a fast learner with strong analytical skills, a self-starter, and work well on a team with minimal to no supervision. I understand responsibility, time management, and hold an intense work ethic. Taking initiative and striving to do my best in any situation has always been my career focus.

To close, it’s necessary to get to the point with no fluff. However; you must end with a short paragraph that’ll make them want to call you to schedule an interview:

I have demonstrated for my employers an exceptional facility for meeting organizational goals and demands. In addition to my skills, I am certain I will be an asset as your next team member. You may contact me anytime.

Thank you for your time,

First and Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address


Another option is to hire a professional writer to create the one page document that could land that dream job. It’s important to fill out the questionnaire in its entirety if this is the route you chose. Not only will this help the writer develop a better sense of who are, but accurately document your skills and abilities.

The Situation of Devistation


Round and round, the world rolls over thereupon,

without warning the stars begin to fall

We are now deficient of all once grasped so tightly, they are no longer near and dear

Uncivilized and nefarious are manners of unholy children with hollow minds

and love for thy neighbor is extinct nevertheless, all’s omitted to blame

Gone are the days of caring in a decade of narcissism

Who would cherish the declaration just the same?

Silent intonations forces incoherence as darkness corrupts,

turning the sweetest personage bitter

Societies infected by feculent lies and cannot be saved

Please mourn the loss of tenderness, for soon memories  forgotten

as degradation plagues the unbroken, the perfect

Ultimately, pursuits of the abhorrent will occur

Should civilization be safeguarded and benefit restoration?

Most have proven unworthiness beyond contestation

Conspire and eradicate, now is the hour of natural selection

Adieu 2016


Fables confessed in unlikely fashions
At times reveal illogical accounts
Tales declared with improbable actions
Adventures in that cannot be denounced
Truths declare imaginations adrift
By virtues of what, fated to be learned
Worry not, stories befall as a gift
For inventiveness will be undiscerned
A myth represents prolific visions
Irresolute expressions narrated
Fanciful delights redeem ambitions
Prose for all transpires and created
Compositions, alike air, bestow times
Poetic justice delightfully follows
Words become life force; deliberate rhymes
Morphemes sentiments, lovely as the rose

As the new year approaches, I wanted to bid farewell to 2016 with thanksgiving in my heart and not the bitterness of a middle finger. I am grateful for the overabundance of words inside my head demanding to be set free. With a passion for books and music, it’s important that I send off this year with happy writings of a poem about appreciating what’s good in life. Happy New Year to you!

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my writing!

Best Regards,


Binding Dreadfully


It was a gun that ruined childhood

Wielded by the barbaric maniac

terrorizing innocence, killing righteousness

without perceptions of accountability

Stripped away is the influence of morality

as the creation of defense molds justification

Self preservation takes precedence

the childs naiveté dies

It was a gun that ruined adolescence 

Subjectively slaying courage

with luminations and deafening discharges 

shattering windows, yet provides no exits 

Instead, permanently trapping souls in evil caskets

Inescapable salvation leading nowhere

no hiding, no hope

Yet unwilling to follow defeat

Enabling imagination to conceal dark truths

It was a gun that ruined life

depriving choices in lieu of allowing elections

Permitting neither tranquility or peace

Sabotaging any chance of everlasting love 

Spoiling happiness, robbing normality

Distorted reality is founded

solidifying inveterate loneliness impossible to overcome

Lack of conviction defeats confidence

Conspiracy corrupts, so begins the destruction 

It was a gun that ruined marriage

on a night that should have ended in romance

instead of violence and brutality

Vexed are eyes of the drunkard 

full of rage and malice, guilty of the unthinkable 

What was once beautiful is now damaged

Unrecognizable to the world 

Wilting to nothingness, expecting nothing

Contemplating the day, guns no longer ruin